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Solibri Model Checker is out of the box software solution (Patent Pending) that analyzes Building Information Models for integrity, quality and physical safety. The system offers easy-to-use visualization with an intuitive walk-in functionality.


Solibri Model Checke is a valuable tool for:

  • Building owners - checking designs against program requirements
  • Architects and Engineers - delivering cost-effectively high quality 3D building information models
  • Construction companies - obtaining reliable and up-to-date cost estimates
  • Facilities Management FM - checking material life-cycle and maintainability


Solibri Model Checker on 64bit Snow Leopard   Solibri Model Checker on 64bit Windows 7

Get the benefits of Solibri Model Checker


With Solibri Model Checker, you can:

  • Saves building costs by decreasing design related flaws
  • Enables more accurate and up-to-date cost estimates
  • Provides time savings in architectural design
  • Supports transparent and more reliable planning process
  • Saves labor and time through automated quantity takeoff
  • Decreases the risk involved in BIM pilot projects



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